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Posted by pokermoney | poker | Monday 13 July 2009 10:56 pm

What makes us consistent losers or winners at poker?

Because to tell the truth, most players are consistent one way or the other. Most players are consistent losers, simply because the house takes the rake. Without rake, there would be half winners, half losers, but this is not so as the rake takes a big toll on everyone’s bankroll. It can be estimated that consistently profitable poker players are less than 5% of the total.

Poker is an art form and the personalities of players are so disparate. It is good to meet them at the poker tables, sometimes in pain when bad luck strikes, but usually in a good mood. We have our fifteen minutes of fame, crazy anecdotes, our bad beats stories so incredible. All that is part of the life of a poker player, even a casual one. It is the adrenaline rush when our heart stops beating and our vision is getting blurred that makes poker our passion.

I am a mid stakes cash game player, plus some heads-up sit and gos’ and some MTTs as well. Poker has burst into my life 2 years ago with games with friends in the canteen of a dormitory, and then I decided to improve my game on my own. I then played in clubs, playing NL200 as a rock. Of course I was a fish, not knowing position, floating, bankroll management and the rest.

Of course, I’ll remember all my life my first night of online poker, where I played for six hours away single tabling at NL10 after make a 20$ deposit. It is not without pride that the next morning I found myself with 47$. For me everything was clear, this game of poker would make my wealth.

I can say that I have had a lot of luck, tilting at the NL200 tables and ending in NL2000 heads-up, and each time my lucky stars saved my bankroll. The beginning was rough, but it is has been more than a year now since I made a deposit at an online poker room.

Now I have decided to put some discipline in my play and to set specific goals. So this blog is part of this plan, sharing my progress and thoughts about poker and gambling. I am going to use the new pokerstars bonus code that grants a 100% bonus up to $600. Before the stars bonus was a ridiculous $50 max.

So I am going to cash out my online bankrolls at several poker sites and start at Pokerstars NL100 with a bankroll of 2,500$. I will multi table 6 tables because the screen of my laptop is really small and then I go on tilt too fast with more.

I will report back on my results, so please keep posted.

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