Change is hard

Posted by pokermoney | poker | Saturday 14 August 2010 1:10 pm

When playing poker either on online casino sites or at a friendly/non-friendly tables, players can quickly pick up on the patterns and habits one has when betting. Every person has a comfort zone he or she likes to stay in when the race to the pot starts. These patterns follow you to each table you sit in game after game. Breaking a habit is difficult just like quitting smoking.

You say to yourself, I’ve won this hand before by doing this and that or this is a hand that I like and I believe in these cards and so on. Poker games usually last hours and anything can happen. Any two cards can win pots of any size. We all dance and sing inside our minds when we see a pocket ace but the guy with the pocket three’s is probably going to walk with the pot if a three shows on the flop.

What I’m trying to say is that a good strategy would be is to change the way you play. Start out by changing the way you think- if two or three players raise and re-raise maybe it would be a good idea to go into the pot with a low pair or a 3-5 hoping for a low flop and let them fight the with each other while you just call on the low flop. Sometimes low is good. Sometimes showing the table you bluffed is good and not shameful.

Poker is like a recipe – you throw in a little bit of every style of poker playing you know and you get a pretty good expensive meal at the end. Poker is only probably 50 % luck. One should ask themselves how much lucky can one get.

Lets say 6-7 really good hands in a 6-7 hour game. The trick is to get as much money as you can just in these 6-7 hands. The way you do that is when the other hundred hands that you play – you change the patterns, you bluff, and you pre-raise on low cards, you play conservatively and rough and loud, you sometimes think for a while, and take your time, and sometimes you should call as fast as the player raising says the number he is raising maybe even before he said the hundred in 500 hundred.

Don’t be categorized by other players because that’s what they are trying to do id to pin you to a category play and then they think they can read your hand. Good luck all!

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