Late Position Texas Holdem

Posted by pokermoney | online poker | Monday 12 November 2012 9:38 am

Playing late position Texas Holdem there are rewards.

If you are playing in late position in a hold em game then you can set yourself up to reap rewards. If you have spent the time reading the other players you know which ones who will defend their blinds. Some folks will defend a blind against all common sense.

If they are defending the blind with poor cards, you have got them beat and soon their chips will be in your stack. A late position raise will force them to defend the blinds. If they are foolish enough to do so. Good for you.

Or the two seats immediately to the right of the button means that there is less of a chance of being raised since you are acting last or nearly last. If you have a hand that would normally just let you limp into the pot, you might consider raising. This might force the players between you and the button to fold their cards. You in a sense, buy the button with the raise.

If no one has raised before the bet gets to you then you are in a good position the steal the blinds with a raise. If you have the possibility of a good hand and miss it on the flop. Do the professional thing and fold. There is no sense chasing the hand down through the turn and the river. Just because you raised before the flop does not mean that you are married to the hand. Throw it away if you miss.

The raise in late position confuses the enemy. They might deduce that the raise in late position is done just because you are in late position. But they will not know. They may suspect that you are raising just to eliminate players but they will not be certain.

If the players on the big and small blinds are the type to defend them at all costs you will still have position on them throughout the hand. This does mean that you should play every hand that is delt to you in late position. let’s face it. You are going to get some garbage hands.

If after the flop the flop you have made a good hand or are drawing to the best hand then take advantage of your position. if someone bets into you, raise. If they check to you, bet.

If you use this strategy there will come a point when even the dullest player catches on that you always raise the pot when you are on the button even if you only have a mediocre hand. They will begin to call you. Without twitching a muscle in your face you sigh and say to yourself, “Ahhh, let the money roll.”

You say this because you are not always going to have a hand just to draw to. From time to time you are going to have very good cards. Good enough to beat the board. It is with these hands that you recoup all of those hopeful raises and make lots of money.

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