My poker beginnings

Posted by pokermoney | poker | Thursday 29 July 2010 7:49 pm

Here is a quick summary of how I started in poker.

I play many online casino games, mostly poker variations and some blackjack and video poker too.

I started playing poker, NLHE specifically, around 2 1/2 years ago and immediately started making money. However, since I really didn’t know how to play, my beginners luck run out and that trend quickly turned around. Around this time I discovered bonuses and with the addition of bonuses I could make a little money overall although I was losing money playing the game.

Around four months after I started playing, I had a really bad month and lost a decent amount of money even though I was clearing bonuses. I really wanted to continue playing but at that time I was playing at Paradise and the $50 tables were the smallest buy in that I could play. I couldn’t move down and my confidence was shot so I ended up becoming discouraged and only played on and off for the next 6 months or so.

Around that point I was introduced to PLO8 and immediately was drawn to it. Unfortunately just like NLHE, I started winning before I really knew how to play and became discouraged when my luck ran out. However this time I did the smart thing and starting playing limit O8 (which at .5/1 is an aquarium) until I really understood the game.

I had 1 losing limit month, then 2 break even months, then something clicked and I started winning. I had a couple of winning months, then switched back to PLO8 and destroyed that game for a couple of months.

After that I went back to NLHE, because I wanted to be positive in all of the games that I played. I started playing the NLHE $25 tables and beat them to a bloody pulp for about a month. Then I attempted to move up to the $50 table and got my ass handed to me, so I moved back to the $25 tables, recouped my loses, and decided to go back to PLO8.

I made that decision a few months ago and since then have played some PLO8 $25 tables to get myself used to seeing 4 cards again. I have been playing well so I think that it is time for a run at the $100 tables.

I plan on posting in this blog for some of the sessions that I play. I will keep the results on in the first post updated and I will post specifics for each session. Those specifics will include (1) the stats for the day, (2) any hands that I think I played well, (3) any hands that I think I played poorly and (4) any hands that I had questions on.

Hopefully this will force me to analyze my game and help me move to the next level in poker.

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