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There are all kinds of online poker players and there are many kinds of poker rooms too. Ideally what you want to do when you choose a poker room is fulfill your goals as a player and have a good time.

There are players who are there for the money. They treat the game of online poker as a job, and they must pay the bills with it. This is one of the amazing consequences of the Internet, which has created many new professions, including online poker pro. Usually young kids who cannot resist the opportunity of making a living while just playing a game. But let me just give a word of caution: it is like being a movie star or a rock star. Many people want to do it but very few succeed on a long term basis. Also you probably do not get what you except if you take this career path. Only people who are really deeply fond of games and online games can make it through the ups and downs of poker variance and downswings.

Then there are the casual players, and they form the majority of online poker players. Of course they want to make money too, but they usually have a full time job, and it is not their priority to spend a lot of time on improving their poker skills. They want to have fun before anything, and this is what poker offers, an exciting game involving a mix of strategy and luck. Some of these casual players are very skilled, while others are big gamblers who have no patience but just want to run over their opponents fast and take their money. Like the maniacs, they do not stay long at a table, but when they show up amazing action is guaranteed.

So given all the player types, there are rooms that may better satisfy your needs. I recently came across this room, pokerview. This is a smaller room on the Everleaf Gaming Network and it could be of interest to both new players or experienced sharks. There are two very interesting features at Pokerview. First they allow US players, and there are only a handful of such offering at the moment, so if you live in America it is worth considering. Second you can see your opponents through the webcams, and this is truly unique. A real cross between poker and the Internet.

If you use a pokerview bonus code you will be entitled to a 100% bonus up to $600. This room is good for all players. If you are new to poker, it is a lot of fun to see your real opponents at the table, instead of just their avatars. If you are experienced, then this is a less travelled room and as such there is a lot of money to be made by prying on less knowledgeable players. You can even pretend to be a fish by displaying yourself as one, like pretending to drink beer or acting wild and crazy. So try it and have a good time on the virtual felt.

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Lucky you

Posted by pokermoney | online gambling | Wednesday 12 May 2010 7:57 pm

So is poker a game of luck or a game of skill? This seems like an eternal question.

In poker getting strong hands may result from your preparation. People do not get lucky on their own. They become lucky when they set themselves up to get lucky, and that is what they must do if they want luck to help them to make money.

In other words you have to be smart about how you want to minimize chance and increase luck. Have you ever thought about using poker video training sessions to improve your skills? How about pokervt? This is a great school run by Daniel Negreanu, give it a shot.

It is so true that in the game of poker variance may hide the fact that skills is what you need more than luck. This is so in other games as well. But in poker, luck must be handled with care. It has been said that the luckier you get, the less money in your pocket. As if you get too lucky you will learn bad playing habits.

Most players love to have lucky hands. But, too much luck is actually the enemy of a player. A bad player wins a pot and he believes that he knows what he is doing and that he made a great play. A horrible player does not see the good moves, always counts on luck, makes perfect catches, and so on. A bad player will always hope to get miraculous cards. So, these fish are believed to have more chance than other players, simply because they always make unbelievable plays that only luck can support.

Superior players on the other hand do not expect luck for their profits. They actually always attempt to make the mathematically correct move. So it could look like they are lucky for example when they win a big pot, but their detractors do not understand their strategy. They played correctly and got lucky too, but they are winning players not because of luck, but because they always seek positive expected value plays.

Good players count on their opponents to make mistakes. This is how they make their money. So if a calling station calls the bets from a solid player in a situation where he does not have the proper pot odds to call with his drawing hand, this is negative expected value for that bad player. It does not matter if he hits the draw or not, in the long run he will slowly bleed his money.

In summary poker is a game of skill where chance veils the truth about skills.

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