The weak tight style

Posted by pokermoney | online poker | Monday 21 September 2009 3:55 pm

The Weak-tight play is the worse poker playing style. Avoid like the plague.

If you find out you have a tendency to play this way, you must make a concerted effort to change the way you play poker, as this is a losing style. This is something that many sensible players take conscious efforts against turning into. There are many players who literally feast on the weak-tight players.

Consider the term “weak tight”. If this term is compared with terms like “weak loose” or “strong tight”, it is obvious that the problem does not lie with the “tight” part at all. A tight, aggressive play is the best approach in a game of poker. We know that weak-loose play means playing too many hands and folding too often before showdown. But weak-tight is much more a difficult situation to deal with.

There are some basic aspects connected with weak-tight play. Let’s look into a couple of examples.The first aspect is the lack of realization that you might need to risk a loss in order to make a win. To win a bet, you will have to be in pots that make bets. To win a few times, you will have to lose many times. But, you should not be ever concerned about losing a pot; only that the play you are following should be mathematically correct. You will be able to win only if you accept losses also.

The next aspect is about the fact that you need to very rarely let others dictate the pace for you. Weak-tight players constantly react to others and rarely make the others react to their moves. They often fight battles that are chosen by their opponents.

These are actually the fears that exist at basically any limit, but this is considered as a bigger risk especially in the low limit. This is because in such games, people would tend to make a call to the river even if they have a weak hand. Therefore, throwing lots of money on a particular hand can be risky, as there will be more suck outs.

It is often worse to make a check or a call rather than a raise when you have a good hand. It will certainly help you to end up with winning a bigger pot. You might be able to still win hands by just calling and checking. However, you tend to lose a big sum of money very fast especially when making a raise and an open. That is likely to happen if you are aggressive and get booted out on the river.

So, this is the reason why the large number of online games becomes very easy to beat. Players do not really begin to charge when they are holding a good hand. This is not the way to grow your gambling bankroll.

They will be more concerned on useless issues. For example, they might be more concerned about useless ideas like losing the previous pots after having driven the betting. They will never accept the mathematically correct plays based on statistics. This is in spite of them knowing that this sort of mathematics exists and works.

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