ElkY wins seat at Tournament of Champions

Posted by pokermoney | poker | Sunday 13 June 2010 2:07 pm

The best French poker player of recent years will play at the Tournament of Champions World Series of Poker.

This special event of the 2010 WSOP edition, by invitation only, will bring together 25 WSOP bracelet holders elected by the public on the internet and two more players selected from special satellite tournaments.

And the satellite that Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier won was really special as it included seven other strong players who do not yet have a WSOP bracelet: Paul Wasicka, Liv Boeree, Andy Bloch, Michael Mizrachi, Gus Hansen, Sorel Mizzi and Gavin Smith. Plus the celebrity poker player Don Cheadle, included for his poker charity contribution.

Bertrand Grospellier took over on its eight opponents to win the ticket to the TOC, the largest freeroll in the world with a gigantic prize pool of one million dollars and a first prize of $500,000 for the winner. The 25 elected players are selected from the pool of 521 bracelet holders and chosen by the public. All this is somehow similar to reality TV, where talent and popularity are mixed to lead to an enormous prize for the winner of the contest.

On June 27th Bertrand will battle with other great poker names like Annie Duke, Joe Cada, Mike Sexton and Mike Matusow. Bertrand Grospellier is an extraordinary poker player and it does not come as a surprise that he participates in this Hall of Fame tournament.

There were 3 stages in ElkY’s gaming prowess. First he was a world-level StarCraft online gamer living in Korea. Then he became one of the best online poker players in the world, being the first SuperNova Elite player at pokerstars, not one of the easiest poker sites. Bertrand is holding a World record in the Guiness book for the most online sit and go tournaments played profitably in one hour (62). And finally he became a fantastic live tournament poker player.

Despite his young age, Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier has already won some prestigious tournaments such as the PokerStars Caribbean Poker Adventure (EPT) and Festa al Lago tournament (WPT). It is time to add a WSOP bracelet to his list of trophies, is it not?

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A miracle river

Posted by pokermoney | online poker | Tuesday 27 April 2010 2:24 pm

A great read

This hand was played at a pokerstars $1/$2 NL table. The buy in was $200. I was in the cut off and limped with 22 after a bunch of other limpers. The flop was seen 8 way including both blinds.

The pot was $16 and the flop came 4c2h5h. Both blinds checked. EP limper (who is very loose) bet $6. The next limper who is even looser called. The next player raised to $18. The raiser (I’ll call him Mr Tight) is the winningest player in my PokerTracker database among players with a significant number of hands. He plays very well but also is very predictable. He enters the pot voluntarily only 12% of the time. He had a little more than a full stack as I did. There was no doubt in my mind that he had either a higher set, 99 or TT. He would have raised pre flop with a higher pair and he would not slow play a set in this spot.

This was a very tough spot for me because I was 75% sure he had a higher set. I needed to reraise to get any draws out but he would have gone all in for sure with a set, but I was not sure if he would with the overpair. He never talks in chat but he had to know me as well as I know him if he’s as good as I think he is. We’ve played a couple 1000 hands together. I almost folded my set, but decided that the pot was going to be big and I wanted to see the action at the turn so I flat called.

The button also called, but everyone else folded. The pot was $82 by then. Mr Tight had about $180 left. I had about $200 and the button had about $60 left. The turn was the ace of diamond, so the board was now 4c2h5hAd.

Mr Tight checked to me. That was strange. He was obviously afraid that one of us had a straight draw and just hit the straight. If I bet, Mr Tight will have to fold an overpair, but will call with a set trying to catch his boat. If the button was not in the hand, I might go all in right now but I was afraid that he had a straight, so I was stuck in the middle. I decided to bet $35 and see how they reacted. They both called. Ok, I was done with the hand. I was 100% sure that Mr Tight had 55 or 44. The button very well may have a 3 for a straight. He only had $25 left but probably would not go all in because he wanted Mr tight to call the $35.

The pot was $187 at his point. The Gods of Poker were obviously happy with me that day, because the river was the 2 of diamond. The board had paired and Mr Tight was now leading out for $74. Man, I actually felt sorry for him. I just hit a 1 outer! I raised all in knowing full well that he was going to call with his full house. The button folded and Mr tight called as expected and I won the almost $500 pot. The cards did not show but I knew what he had.

He was playing at another table I was at, so on the other table I said “55 or 44?”. I had never seen him say a word in chat and I had tried to get him to answer before, but this time he said “check the hand history”. I said “if you did not have 55 or 44, I have been giving you way too much credit”. He did not answer.

A few minutes later someone who was playing at both my tables (where I had $500 on each table) asked me if I was a pro. Now Mr Tight piped in and said “yeah he is a pro at hitting 1 outers for $500 pots”.

You think he was a little bitter? I promise you, I came very very close to folding my set on the flop because he is so predictable.

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