A miracle river

Posted by pokermoney | online poker | Tuesday 27 April 2010 2:24 pm

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This hand was played at a pokerstars $1/$2 NL table. The buy in was $200. I was in the cut off and limped with 22 after a bunch of other limpers. The flop was seen 8 way including both blinds.

The pot was $16 and the flop came 4c2h5h. Both blinds checked. EP limper (who is very loose) bet $6. The next limper who is even looser called. The next player raised to $18. The raiser (I’ll call him Mr Tight) is the winningest player in my PokerTracker database among players with a significant number of hands. He plays very well but also is very predictable. He enters the pot voluntarily only 12% of the time. He had a little more than a full stack as I did. There was no doubt in my mind that he had either a higher set, 99 or TT. He would have raised pre flop with a higher pair and he would not slow play a set in this spot.

This was a very tough spot for me because I was 75% sure he had a higher set. I needed to reraise to get any draws out but he would have gone all in for sure with a set, but I was not sure if he would with the overpair. He never talks in chat but he had to know me as well as I know him if he’s as good as I think he is. We’ve played a couple 1000 hands together. I almost folded my set, but decided that the pot was going to be big and I wanted to see the action at the turn so I flat called.

The button also called, but everyone else folded. The pot was $82 by then. Mr Tight had about $180 left. I had about $200 and the button had about $60 left. The turn was the ace of diamond, so the board was now 4c2h5hAd.

Mr Tight checked to me. That was strange. He was obviously afraid that one of us had a straight draw and just hit the straight. If I bet, Mr Tight will have to fold an overpair, but will call with a set trying to catch his boat. If the button was not in the hand, I might go all in right now but I was afraid that he had a straight, so I was stuck in the middle. I decided to bet $35 and see how they reacted. They both called. Ok, I was done with the hand. I was 100% sure that Mr Tight had 55 or 44. The button very well may have a 3 for a straight. He only had $25 left but probably would not go all in because he wanted Mr tight to call the $35.

The pot was $187 at his point. The Gods of Poker were obviously happy with me that day, because the river was the 2 of diamond. The board had paired and Mr Tight was now leading out for $74. Man, I actually felt sorry for him. I just hit a 1 outer! I raised all in knowing full well that he was going to call with his full house. The button folded and Mr tight called as expected and I won the almost $500 pot. The cards did not show but I knew what he had.

He was playing at another table I was at, so on the other table I said “55 or 44?”. I had never seen him say a word in chat and I had tried to get him to answer before, but this time he said “check the hand history”. I said “if you did not have 55 or 44, I have been giving you way too much credit”. He did not answer.

A few minutes later someone who was playing at both my tables (where I had $500 on each table) asked me if I was a pro. Now Mr Tight piped in and said “yeah he is a pro at hitting 1 outers for $500 pots”.

You think he was a little bitter? I promise you, I came very very close to folding my set on the flop because he is so predictable.

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