Big pot

Posted by pokermoney | online poker | Saturday 18 December 2010 5:19 pm

I love to win big pots. It’s not every day you get to win a 36 big bet pot in fixed limit $40/$80 is it. You need the right set of ingredients obviously.

1) Pre flop betting which is capped seven ways. 2) Some idiot who jams with AK on a raggy paired board. 3) Some other idiot who jams with a baby gutshot multiway. 4) Probable pocket overpair to the flop. 5) I flopped trips and it felt great.

The biggest challenge by far is managing to get the pot capped preflop seven ways. People just don’t cold call four bets much in that game. About the only way to get this is by having limp-reraisers. In this pot we’ve got two; AKs up front and 65s in the back.

When the preflop betting is insane, the flop betting usually is as well. It’s not only a time for everyone to bet (or call) the best hand, it’s also a time for hyper-aggressive nutcases to try and leverage out anyone who has a prayer of sucking out in such a big pot. We get to see the much hailed ‘Three Bet For a Free Card Play’ fail miserably too.

Of course, what’s a big pot story without some kind of runner runner suckout? I’m sure AK was cursing my flush, without once considering that he was an even bigger underdog every post flop round.

Anyway the board was 2d 3c 2h Ac Jc and this felt good to win such a large pot in fixed limit texas holdem. But you would really have to play many hands before you see such a pot. Most hands have way smaller pots and this can only occur with the proper conjunction of factors, like a few players with big draws. This is how you can be a profitable player, if you know how to best play when such opportunities arise.

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