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Posted by pokermoney | poker | Tuesday 6 July 2010 1:41 pm

The following are great beginner Texas Hold’em poker tips for helping you win online money.

The first tip to help you make profits if you are starting at poker is to raise your big hands pre flop. Beginners fail to do it, maybe because they do not understand the logic of that move. It will make the pot larger and get rid of limpers. This leads to bigger pots when you are the favorite, and in NLHE you want to win the big pots.

Another crucial tip advised by some of the most profitable online poker sharks is never to draw to the idiot side of a straight. The reason is that you must know to fold big hands. In this case you will almost always lose the big pots, as they occur when another player has the highest side of the straight.

The next tip is that unconnected cards of medium and low face value are to go to the muck. Also strong players know that low pairs must be mucked most of the time, except for the occasional set mining attempt in a pot with limpers.

Another recommendation is to play aggressively with your open-ended straight draws after the flop. Be aggressive with an ace or two high over-cards after a rainbow unpaired board, when no one could possibly have hit the flop hard. If a player raises at such garbage flop, fold because he must have a strong hidden hand.

Solid poker players suggest to learn how to catch bluffers instead of always folding passively to their bets and raises. Learn to make guesses if your opponents is bluffing to make you fold or if he has a strong hand. You must take chances and try calling bluffers otherwise you will be the preferred target of the most tricky players.

A more advanced tip is that you should know how to bluff yourself as well, as this will add money to your bankroll. Omitting to bluff at times is a leak which makes you too predictable. Analyze your competitor to determine if he can be forced to fold with no effort, or if he bluffs a lot himself.

Beyond pure Texas Holdem strategy tips, you need also to select the poker room that fits you best. If you have never played poker before, a good way to learn the game is video poker. Visit a site like full of information about the variations and subtleties in the game of poker and video poker.

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